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Discover the authentic taste of Australia at restaurant Reef N’ beef in Copenhagen. Reef N’ Beef has been introducing our guests in Copenhagen to the concept of Australian fine dining for more than 20 years. We are thereby the first restaurant in Europe dedicated to the Australian cuisine.

Reef N’ Beef has throughout the years witnessed steadily increasing popularity, which has meant that the restaurant has moved to a bigger location in the centre of Copenhagen. The restaurant expanded in 2009 with the exclusive OZ Lounge down under which can accommodate 150 guests and is ideal for larger events for both business and private.

Reef N' Beef is known for it’s use of rainforest spices. In the individual dishes the restaurant has always used “Bush Food” which is a term that covers the varied exotic products the restaurant imports from the natives (aboriginals) in Australia. Examples of these are Quandong, kutjera, muntries, riberry, finger lime and Davidson’s plum.

The Australian spice mixes belong, with their bright red, yellow and “burn” shades, in the warm end of the flavour spectrum and have their own unique flavour. In the Australian fusion cuisine blending our experienced chef's local ingredients with ingredients from the vast outback and rainforest, gives a unique taste experience that should be experienced. At Reef N 'Beef you can also sink your teeth into specialties such as crocodile, emu, camel or kangaroo.

We care about sustainability and support the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) with donations annually, partly by buying land.

Our food

At Reef N’ Beef our excellent chefs mix the local Australian ingredients with ingredients from the enormous Outback and rainforrest. As a result we bring to you a unique experience of taste. See our different menus below.

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Our drinks

We serve our wide range of delicious drinks ranging from the classics to our very own house cocktails. We also have a great collection of wines and beers available on tap or in bottles.

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If you have any further questions or comments please write us a message here or call us on 33 33 00 30.

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